“We had originally applied through the other broker as she was simply a contact for our corporate health insurance and we had much difficulty finding an experienced malpractice broker. She had never brokered a locum tenens policy and it took us several weeks to get the answers we needed. We simply felt that our needs were not being met. When we finally found you, you were able to answer our questions within a few minutes and were able to give us guidance as to how the policies work. The other broker was simply not up to speed on handling this type of insurance and the delay caused numerous internal problems. We want you to represent us because we feel you are much more experienced with the carriers and educating us as your clients. We just do not have the same comfort level with the other broker when it comes to malpractice.”

     - Jim C. - Locum Tenens Medical Staffing Organization


"I can't believe it!  You saved me over $50,000 on my premium AND my deductible is less than it used to be!  Thank you SO much!"

     - M.J.R., M.D. - Neurosurgeon


"You have gone way above and beyond everything we had hoped for in a broker.  We couldn't be happier with your service."

     - Jim K., M.D.-CEO - E.R. Group


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