Difficult to Insure?

Don't Feel Like You Are Alone...

Are you having difficulty finding affordable malpractice insurance coverage?

Have you had licensure problems?  Or past claims issues?

Have you received a notice of "Non-Renewal" or cancellation from your current malpractice insurance company?

Do you perform procedures that are outside of your specialty or use alternative medicine?

Many insurance companies will NOT cover:

         - Medical Marijuana Evaluations
 - Lipodissolve  - Bariatric Surgery
 - Mesotherapy  - Herbal Supplements
 - Chelation Therapy  - Weight Loss Medicines
 - Prolotherapy  - Acupuncture


We have access to numerous, top-rated professional liability insurance companies that specialize in insuring "hard to place" physicians and groups.

We recently assisted a local OB/Gyn with obtaining high quality, affordable medical malpractice insurance coverage with an “A-rated” carrier when she believed that no standard, admitted carrier would be willing to cover her.

Until her one-and-only claim was settled for $750,000 this physician had been practicing obstetrics and gynecology for 20 years without ever having a malpractice insurance claim filed against her.  In fact—her record was spotless for those 20 years.

While she had done nothing wrong—the child had simply experienced a rare but known risk “bad outcome.” This physician settled the claim last summer to avoid the risk of a jury verdict which possibly could have exceeded her policy’s limits.  

Her previous carrier non-renewed the physician’s policy. 

We worked with her and presented her case to the other carriers as an excellent physician with one unfortunate “shock claim” in an otherwise impeccable 20 year career.  Several carriers agreed with us. 

We replaced this physician’s policy with coverage from an “A-rated” carrier at approximately the same premium.  We provided her with full prior acts coverage so she did not need to purchase expensive “tail” coverage from her previous carrier.

So no matter how dire you think your circumstances are—we at DocLiability.com can and will help you.

This is what one of our Clients had to say:

"I can't believe it!  You saved me over $50,000 on my premium AND my deductible is less than it used to be!  Thank you SO much!"

     - M.J.R., M.D. - Neurosurgeon

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